Seabob Mauritius
15 Min or 30 Min Seabob Adventure + Boat Trip + Boat Transfer + Discounts

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Package Deal:
  • 15 Min + 1hr Boat Trip  or 30 Min + 1hr30 Min Boat Trip Seabob Adventure
    - It allows you to tow at impressive speeds (Surface up to 14 mp/h & under water up to 12 mp/h) 
    - Explore the reef up to 2.50 meters with a simple mask
  • Discounts:
    - 10% Off on your personal souvenir video (shoot by a Gopro) 
    - 10% Off at the shop (Gopro Accessories & others) 
  • Validity: Voucher must be used before the 31st of March, 2019
  • Session Time: Monday to Saturday: 10.00 | 11.30 | 13.30 | 15.00 (choose one) 
  • Age requirement: As from 10 years 
  • Occupancy: Maximum 6 people per session 
  • Meeting Point: Seabob Mauritius, Sunset Boulevard, Grand Baie 
  • Reservation: Required 48 hours in advance by phone and subject to availability  
  • No Show: If customer does not show up for reservation, 100% Cancellation Fee will apply
  • Mauritian ID card or Resident permit must be shown upon arrival
Details of the Package:
  • Save 20%
  • The Seabob:  
    - You can explore the reef up to 2.50 meters with a simple mask. SEABOB is a nautical activity accessible to all (including children) and controllable by all in less than 2 minutes. 
    - Thanks to its very simple handling, you will surprise yourself very quickly to whirl in the water at full speed, grazing the fishes banks and playing with the relief of the bottom. SEABOB allows you to discover unique sensations, completely different from other aquatic activities.
    - If the machine exceeds 2.5 meters of depth, the propulsion system automatically locks and the SEABOB rises to the surface in seconds. No danger, an extremely simple grip, and absolute pleasure !
  • What you should bring: 
    - Swimwear, towels, hat, water and sun screen 
    - It is recommended to wear a tight swimsuit (prefer one-piece swimsuit for women)
  • Equipment: All equipment will be provided upon arrival

SEABOB is a submersible craft created by a German company (CAYAGO). It is a high performance nautical vehicle, considered by the German manufacturer as a "Luxury Seatoy". SEABOB is the most multipurpose, design, silent and eco-friendly underwater electric gear of the current world market. It allows you to tow at impressive speeds on (14 mp/h) and under (12 mp/h) water. Thanks to SEABOB, you get into a new dimension. You can explore the reef up to 2.50 meters with a simple mask. SEABOB is a nautical activity accessible to all (including children) and controllable by all in less than 2 minutes. 



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