La Vallée de Ferney

La Vallée de Ferney shelters one of the very last nature sanctuaries in the island. It provides an unhoped-for safe haven to a great variety of indigenous species, many of which are rare or threatened.

Guided Hiking or Non-Guided Hiking including Lunch at La Falaise Rouge

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  • 1 Adult
    Rs 1,140
  • 1 Adult + 1 Child (0-11)
    Rs 1,710
  • 2 Adults + 2 Children (0-11)
    Rs 3,420
  • 3 Adults + 3 Children (0-11)
    Rs 5,130
  • 4 Adults + 4 Children (0-11)
    Rs 6,840
  • 5 Adults + 5 Children (0-11)
    Rs 8,790


  • 1 Adult
    Rs 1,200
  • 1 Adult + 1 Child (0-11)
    Rs 1,800
  • 2 Adults + 2 Children (0-11)
    Rs 2,400
  • 3 Adults + 3 Children (0-11)
    Rs 5,400
  • 4 Adults + 5 Children (0-11)
    Rs 7,200
  • 5 Adults + 5 Children (0-11)
    Rs 9,000

Rs. 1,140

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Package Deal:
  • Option 1: Guided Hiking at La Vallée de Ferney
  • Option 2: Non-Guided Hiking at La Vallée de Ferney
  • Lunch at La Falaise Rouge ( Main Course, a Dessert and a 0.5L bottle of water)
  • Kestrel Feeding at 12:00

          First Guided Tour: 10:00                Last Guided Tour: 14:00

          First Non-Guided Tour: 9:00          Last Non-Guided Tour: 15:00

  • Duration: 1hr approx
  • Venue: La Vallée de Ferney
  • Required 48 hours in advance by phone and is subject to availability
  • If customer does not show up for reservation, 100% Cancelation Free will be applicable
  • Mauritian ID card or Resident Permit must be shown upon arrival
Details of the Package:

During the Guided Tour and Non Guided Tour at La Vallée de Ferney:

  • Hiking at La Vallée de Ferney
  • Kestrel Feeding at 12:00
  • Panoramic Points of View
  • Coffee Plantation, Coffee Museum and Coffee Museum Tasting
  • Souvenir Boutique
  • Tree nursery of endemic and native plants: sale of plants on the spot
  • Tree planting endemic
  • Observations of endemic birds (Kestrel, Pink pigion, Echo Parakeet) and bats

The Restaurant - Lunch

Falaise rouge:
-Buffet créole à Falaise Rouge

  • Vindaye de Poisson
  • Daude de Poulet
  • Salmis de Cerf
  • Curry de Légumes
  • Riz
  • Spaghetti
  • Lentilles
  • Etouffe de Brède
  • Chutney de Coco
  • Chutney de Margoze
  • Chutney de Cotomili et Pomme d’amour
  • Oignon frit                                                                       
  • Achard de Légumes
  • Piment vert
  • Salade de Gâteau Piment
  • Salade de Papaye verte et Poisson
  • Salade de Palmiste


  • Papaye confit et glace à la vanille
  • Banane rôti et crème fraiche
  • Salade de fruit et sorbet au tamarin et piment
  • Tarte à la banane
  • Gâteaux « la boue »
  • Duo de sorbet
  • Glace à la vanille ou/et au chocolat.


  • A 0.5l of bottle Water

What to Bring:

  • Good Hiking Shoes
  • Bug Spray
  • Hat
  • Overcoat


  • Introduction of fauna and Flora
  • Vallee de Ferney Waterfall
  • Coffee Tasting after each guided hiking
  • Toilets and Bathroom available


La Vallée de Ferney shelters one of the very last nature sanctuaries in the island.

It provides an unhoped-for safe haven to a great variety of indigenous species, many of which are rare or threatened.

Exploring La Vallée de Ferney means more than just to take a ramble; it provides an unforgettable experience in a unique place, where the pleasures of hiking are associated with environment protection. Furthermore by visiting La Vallée de Ferney, you are actively contributing to the preservation of the biodiversity of Mauritius, one of the most threatened in the world.



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